Take Control of your Lifestyle

Making time for Lifestyle progressively drifts out of people’s lives through their 30s and 40s as people get married and start a family, alongside increased work and study loads.

Most people rely on an annual holiday for their Lifestyle. The challenge is that by the time they make it to their holiday they are exhausted and often become ill as their body decides it is time to recuperate. Use these three P's to ensure you make the most your Lifestyle when it specifically comes to holidays:

  1. Prepare mentally for our upcoming holiday. Where possible, start to dress down in the weeks leading into the start of the holiday. 
    Be sure to meet with all the people going with you on your trip before you leave to discuss all expectations and needs for the holiday. Is their an expectation of rest or does everyone want to go hard? Knowing what everyone is thinking leading into the holiday will certainly help to alleviate any disappointment or irritation between you all.
  2. Prioritise short freshen ups during the year. Having an overnight or a couple of days with a change of scenery will keep you fresh during the year, taking the pressure off the annual holiday.
  3. Plan the next holiday before you return from the current one. This makes the world of difference to the way you feel coming back to work and other responsibilities. This does not mean it needs to be booked and paid for, but planned and in the calendar.

Are you taking breaks because you are exhausted, or taking planned breaks so you do not become exhausted?

Another challenge that most people have is that their Lifestyle has lost its time for consistent hobbies and/or interests each week. The activity could vary greatly between what you and someone else enjoy but should refresh your mind, body and soul at the same time AND keep you fresh throughout the year.

For couples, one especially important Lifestyle commitment is a regular date day/night. If you have become busy and can't remember your last date then get a repeating time scheduled into your calendar and defend it rigorously!

Take a piece of advice from John Lewis,
"We have to have our own rigorous time schedule or we will be the victim of everyone else’s rigorous time schedule."