Chris is an expert in how to design lifestyle and financial wealth in a decade. He loves to seek out and pass on knowledge, understanding and wisdom; creating opportunity for everyday people to balance lifestyle and financial wealth in a trusted environment of Personal and Professional relationships.

The thought of considering life as being pre and post 65 years of age is long gone. You probably agree with that but may be unsure what to do about it.

Chris has helped hundreds of people enjoy a great lifestyle today, balanced with setting up for their future at the same time! He has developed this thought leadership over the last twenty years and has worked with all age groups across many countries; the employed, the self employed and the business owner; the poor and the wealthy; the organised and those in chaos (who are often both in the one household), to help them create really solid foundations on which to build their lives.

The strength of this thought process is that all aspects of life are looked after in an orderly, time-efficient way. So all the good work you put into your favoured areas is not undone if you have not made the time for the other important areas in your life. Chris believes this is especially helpful for couples who cannot agree on a way forward. Read more about Chris HERE.

Helping people one off is par for course. 90 days is common. A year less so. But a decade? Unheard of. Yet that is what Chris does. He has enough integrity to say ‘to transform your life is going to take a decade’, and he has clients who have worked with him for that long, and they all sing his praises. He is very pragmatic, he knows what works, and he makes a profound difference to his clients. But more than that he has a deep integrity, he walks his talk, has a generous spirit and great insight. Your life will definitely be better for having him in your corner.
— Peter Cook, CEO of Thought Leaders Business School

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We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.
— Bill Gates, Microsoft