Where are you going?

For over fifteen years, Chris has been coaching people from all walks of life - through the 'Design a Decade' program - to set up a balanced environment around their personal and work needs so they can make quality decisions that affect their long term goals. 

When Chris asks what people do first to start a jigsaw puzzle most people say “look for the corners or the sides.” Really, the first thing they would have done is look at the picture on the box to get some idea of what they are building. With each new piece placed, they look back at the box to see that its in the correct place. When most people look at their actions for the last 10 years, some of these actions spoiled the overall picture. If they had a trusted third party to field their thoughts with and support each decision along the way, the picture would look a whole lot better. Make the next 10 years a great picture. Get on our quality coaching program.

Design a Decade has given us the tools we where missing to move forward together in our relationship, with our family (of 7 kids), and in our three business.
Without Chris and the Design a Decade program we would not be in the contented place we are today.
Thank you Chris.
— Annalise and Stephen Logan, Australia

Ever asked "What's my next decade look like?"

You might be in the blissful years as a teenager with your eyes on adulthood. Maybe you've moved into the Pre-Family stage of life making money and living it up! Perhaps you've got young ones at home and your income has gone down while your expenses are up - the Beautiful Chaos of life has set in. Ever wondered where all the money has gone and why there seems to such a weight on your shoulders all the time - it could be due to the fact you've got teenagers at home. Maybe you're through those stages and you've looked around to see you've been left with an empty nest but you're asking where did all the years go? Or could it simply be that you have got to retirement age and worked out that you have decades still to go!

We are an ordinary family with four amazing kids. As a family we always had the focus on building great relationships and we invested a lot into creating memories with each other but we were still exhausted, because we neglected to take good care of our time and health.
Ever since being part of the ‘Design a Decade’ program we have realised that before the program we knew that a balanced life is important, but we didn´t know how to implement it into our lives. Our quality of life is ever expanding.
The program provides methods and motivation on how to deal with all the important areas of our life in a simple and effective step-by-step way which is accompanied by a fantastic, encouraging coaching team.
— Siegfried and Claudia Haas, Germany

Sporting teams have many specialist coaches: strengthening, nutrition, bowling, batting, running, fielding; all meeting specific needs in specific areas. They also have a Head Coach, however, who oversees the work of the individual specialist coaches keeping a balanced approach to meeting overall goals.


Chris has been the Head Coach for many individuals and couples over the past fifteen years, bringing not only knowledge, but understanding and wisdom with Truth, Commonsense and Good Manners. The 'Design a Decade' program helps make sense of the Lifestyle and Wealth Creation journey. Having a head coach allows a trusted third party to help through tough decisions and especially helps couples reach a point of agreement when faced with decisions. After all we attract our opposite then struggle to balance our differences making decision making difficult.

Most people have many specialist professionals: Solicitor, Bank or Finance Broker, Stock Broker, Health Practitioner, Accountant, Insurance Broker. Very few people, however, have a quality Head Coach or Coaching Program which helps them oversee the work of all the Specialist Professionals.

Life used to consist of being employed, working long hours and often wondering how I would get ahead and ultimately – even though I could not yet frame it in these words – not be doing the same thing until I was 65! I was conscious about wanting to create a life where I had more flexibility and available time to spend with my family. Chris and the ‘Design a Decade’ program have exceeded every expectation I ever had. His ability to surround you with quality resources and professionals is second to none. Chris helped me organise my life and invest my time where it would have a greater return. Everything on my dream list prior to starting the ‘Design a Decade’ program has been achieved and I never thought I could achieve it all by the age of 31. I cannot speak highly enough of Chris and the entire ‘Design a Decade’ family.
— Sophie Chaffey, Australia